Our curriculum and supporting resources are all state-approved and chosen to target the individual needs of our students. We don’t ascribe to the one size fits all educational methodology; instead we aim to meet each student’s individual needs through a variety of tools and materials.

Sunshine Elementary Charter School
Our elementary students are able to learn through experience via the arts and other creative methods of instruction. Our students are able to exceed traditional education goals through a non-traditional approach to learning.

Our elementary students are exposed to a wide variety of formats including traditional text books and computer-based platforms to illustrate to them the plethora of ways today’s world disperses information. Through a multitude of in-class projects, our students learn through experimentation and experience, rather than direct instruction alone.

For example, in science, our elementary students not only get to read about, but actually participate in the life cycle of butterflies. Students are able to watch the life cycle from start to finish and play a role in each stage, including maintaining the gardens. Students are also responsible for keeping the school grounds suitable for the creatures who also occupy the space.

Paragon Academy
Our students are able to prepare for the next stage of their education and life here at Paragon. They are able to utilize technology to increase not only their knowledge, but marketability in the future workplace. Along with traditional text book instruction, our students learn through a variety of computer-based platforms to increase their exposure to today’s methods of information transmission.

Through assisted and independent research, our middle students learn how not only to perform research, but can discover the excitement of fulfilling their curiosity on their own. Throughout the school year our students create their own projects or research questions to solve igniting a love and respect for learning often absent in so many students. With assisted internet searching, our students are inspired to familiarize themselves with the research process and wade through the jungle of information to identify quality, factual data.


2017 School Grades

Based on the State’s Grading System, our schools received the following designations:
Sunshine – “C”                             Paragon – “C”
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