Student Code of Conduct

2017-2018 Code Book for Student Conduct

The Code Book for Student Conduct for the 2017-2018 school year  is available electronically at  the Broward County School’s website.  All parents, guardians, and students should become familiar with this document since it contains very important information including attendance rules, discipline guidelines, and student & parent rights.  It is mandatory that all parents sign and return the Acknowledgement Form indicating they have reviewed The Code.  Please contact the main office if you need more information about the Code Book.


2017-2018 Parent & Student Handbook

Parents and students must become familiar with the rules and guidelines in the Handbook.


2017-2018 Acknowledgement Form – English & Spanish

This form verifies that parents have reviewed the Code and the Handbook.  Parents must sign and return this form to school no more than 5 days after the student enrolls in school.

NOTE:  Parents can request copies of any document in Spanish or Hatian-Creole.  Please contact the main office.